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Sharon Drew Morgen

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Top Stories by Sharon Drew Morgen

I’ve heard there are 5.7 decision makers for each sale, and ‘unknown’ influencers. Yet there is no difference between ‘decision makers’ and ‘influencers’. If you want to move and your daughter is in her last year of high school, is she a decision maker or an influencer? If your tech group isn’t available to implement a new program until they finish current work, would the tech director be an influencer or a decision maker? If your company is going through a merger and the teams haven’t been merged yet, would the director of the groups that needed training be influencers or decision makers? If you think some of your folks need coaching, would the coachees be influencers or decision makers? See what I mean? “Decision Maker” and “Influencer” are arbitrary delineations. Until everyone who touches the final solution buys-in, and change is managed, no buying decision w... (more)

Two Cold Call Case Studies

#1 C: Hello, Sharon? Joe from Mimeo calling. How you doin’ today? [I assume he was attempting to be intimate, not knowing that anyone intimate with me would never call me ‘Sharon.’] SDM: Do you know if that’s my correct name? C: I do know. It’s your name. SDM: Really? Are you absolutely certain? C: I am. SDM: How can you be so certain? C: Wait. Aren’t you Sharon? Is Sharon there? Seriously. That call happened. Word for word. #2 E: Hi. I’m calling from Ecsell. Is this Sharon? SDM: Is this a cold call? E: No. It might be a partnership call and I might be able to hire you as a speaker. SD... (more)

What Makes A Prospect A Buyer?

A colleague recently said he was waiting for a deal to close. How did he know it would close? I asked. “Because someone contacted me, and we’ve had several discussions. In our last chat we discussed price.” SDM: What percentage of the buying decision team does your prospect represent? A: There are only 4 people on the team, so 25 per cent. SDM: Any influencers? A: I have no idea. SDM: Where is he along his buy path? Stage 3 where one person does preliminary research? Stage 8 where decision team members choose between an external resource or an internal workaround? Or Stage 11 when t... (more)

Steps along the Buying Decision Path

The buyer’s route to a purchase starts before they consider a solution. Idea stage. Fred has an idea that something needs to change. Fred discusses his idea with colleagues. Fred invites colleagues to meet and discuss the problem, bring ideas from online research, consider who to include, possible fixes, and fallout. Groups formed. Consideration stage. Group meets to discuss findings: how to fix the problem with known resources, whether to create a workaround using internal fixes or seek an external solution. Discuss the type/amount of fallout from each. Organization stage. Fred ... (more)

A Purchase Is Not An Isolated Event

Why does the sales model merely focus on placing solutions when it’s last step buyers take during the buying decision process? Would you ever jump up out of bed and say, “Geesh! I think I’ll just go out and buy a new car today! Maybe I’ll go to that dealership around the corner and see if there’s a pretty one!” Would you ever come into work and announce: “Guess what! I had an inspiration last night and bought all 1500 of us new CRM software from an ad I saw! They’re installing it next week! Hope you tech guys and users like it!” If you were going to buy a new car, you’d get agreemen... (more)