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Sharon Drew Morgen

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Your solution is the last thing a buyer needs. Literally. The sales model is a solution placement model. It does a fine job assessing needs, pitching, presenting, and placing solutions. Yet we close no more than 7% of prospects from first call, spend huge amounts of money creating presentations, sites, and marketing materials bring that in a fraction of the business they were designed to, spend inordinate amounts of resource responding to RFPs that fail, and attempting to make appointments with prospects who either reject us or don’t buy. We waste at least 90% of a sales professional’s time. As a result we hire more people and set our budgets accordingly. We have great solutions. Our sales folks are professionals. What’s the problem? The problem is that buyers don’t buy the way we sell. In fact, a purchase is the last step buyers take along their buy path, and we s... (more)

Does The Sales Model Do What We Need It To Do?

Sales has been around since the Serpent convinced Eve to eat the apple. And, unfortunately, the goals have remained pretty much the same ever since. The sales model was designed for a different time in history, when there were fewer decision makers and products could be easily described in a magazine ad. With the advent of the web, global business practices, and the ability to communicate ideas across distances, there has been a sea change in not only what we can create and deliver, but also in the process buyers must go through prior to being able to make a purchase. The sales mo... (more)

eCompetitors Gives Sales Folks What They Need. Exactly.

When you prepare to meet a prospect, how do you know who or what your competition is? How do you know how to position yourself strategically against them? Do you ‘wing it?’ Do you do research? Where do you get your research from? How do you know your research is adequate or accurate? I’ve got the answers for you. eCompetitors is this amazing site that has me gobsmacked (did i spell that right?). It does all of the research  you could ever wish for, on 11,445 global industries and companies at the line-of-business level. That means that it checks out everything – e v e r y t h i ... (more)

Cloud-Based LeadFormix Is a Necessary Sales Enablement Tool

Highly proactive. Cloud based. Lead insight data. Convert to qualified lead. Actionable intelligence. Up-sell opportunities. Holistic overview of each site visitor. Leadformix is a wonderful tool to add to the sales technology process. They provide ’superior lead intelligence’ using their unique platform. Cool, right? Great for the new marketing initiative of bringing in good leads to the sales team. Here are a few things that Leadformix can do: Intent assess the intent of the website visitor provides a company level view which reveals where the company is in their solution pur... (more)

Derek Woodgate Can See Into The Future

Three years ago, I attending the World Future Society annual conference. I attended a workshop run by a handsome, smart, fast-talking Brit and his equally smart partner. They introduced me to a world of thinking so far outside the technology box that my world became brighter. In fact, my world became a paint box. Among other things, they showed us how to color our internet worlds and our logos with color-based technology paint brushes. What that session did for me was to make me realize that anything at all was possible. If I could think it, it was possible. Lucky for me, Derek ... (more)