Facilitating Success, One Decision At A Time

Sharon Drew Morgen

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I’ve heard there are 5.7 decision makers for each sale, and ‘unknown’ influencers. Yet there is no difference between ‘decision makers’ and ‘influencers’. If you want to move and your daughter is in her last year of high school, is she a decision maker or an influencer? If your tech group isn’t available to implement a new program until they finish current work, would the tech director be an influencer or a decision maker? If your company is going through a merger and the teams haven’t been merged yet, would the director of the groups that needed training be influencers or decision makers? If you think some of your folks need coaching, would the coachees be influencers or decision makers? See what I mean? “Decision Maker” and “Influencer” are arbitrary delineations. Until everyone who touches the final solution buys-in, and change is managed, no buying decision w... (more)

The Last Thing Buyers Need is your Solution

Let’s liken a buyer’s need to a cog in a wheel that moves a cart. If one cog breaks the other cogs create a workaround so the cart gets where it’s going. The cart would prefer not to replace the cog because of the complexity, fall out, and duration of the change: can the old cog be fixed? Will the other wheels pick up the slack? If we need a new wheel, must it match the other wheels – and when could we make the switch to not undermine the trip? Is the cost of a new cog higher than just adapting the other wheels? Will the drivers know how to drive with a new wheel? When our buyer... (more)

eCompetitors Gives Sales Folks What They Need. Exactly.

When you prepare to meet a prospect, how do you know who or what your competition is? How do you know how to position yourself strategically against them? Do you ‘wing it?’ Do you do research? Where do you get your research from? How do you know your research is adequate or accurate? I’ve got the answers for you. eCompetitors is this amazing site that has me gobsmacked (did i spell that right?). It does all of the research  you could ever wish for, on 11,445 global industries and companies at the line-of-business level. That means that it checks out everything – e v e r y t h i ... (more)

Just What Exactly Is Email For?

Email Archiving Journal I don’t know about you, but when I get long emails my eyes go running around my head. Too many words for me to take in during a busy day when I’m sure I’m suffering from some form of ADHD as I try to multitask beyond human capability. So I ask folks to please, please, puLEASE not send me long emails. But they do anyway. And then they get mad when I don’t read them – especially when they’ve written something personal. They actually expect me to put down what I’m doing and read a one-way missive, interpret what they are meaning and feeling against how I in... (more)

Wikipedia: a blessing and a curse

Sometimes being a thought leader is frustrating. OK – it’s often frustrating. I usually know how to be patient, or recognize what is happening so I can make some sort of sense of stuff going on. But this time I’m stumped. This time Wikipedia has me totally flummoxed. Given that I have developed a decision facilitation model that is  being used in sales called  Buying Facilitation®, and that people are starting to use the phrase regularly, I kinda thought that putting up a generic page of text about it would help folks define it properly. I worked hard to make sure it sounded like... (more)