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Sharon Drew Morgen

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Top Stories by Sharon Drew Morgen

Think Out of the Box with Buying Facilitation® There has always been a divergence between how seller’s sell and how buyer’s buy. That problem is the bane of a sales professional’s existence. For decades, I have been closing that gap by training the Buying Facilitation® model I’ve developed to sellers to help buyers facilitate their beginning-to-end buy path – from • idea, to • assembling the Buying Decision Team, to • deciding to make a purchase, to • choosing a vendor and help them manage the change they must address before they can purchase anything. My clients have learned to close a lot more business, much faster, regardless of their industries, countries, solutions, and price points. BUYING FACILITATION® CLOSES THE BUYER-SELLER GAP But it has been struggle for sellers to recognize that the efficacy of their solution, the relationship with the buyer, the strength ... (more)

BEST OF 2013: Leadership, Change, Listening, Buying Decisions

An interesting year. Sales technology continues to discover more and better ways to share and retrieve content and more finely tune ways to find prospects; deliverables for keynote speakers are becoming more consultative rather than instructional; US companies (different from those outside the US) are doing little face training; social media is expanding as a prospecting and business tool. But the nut of the sales problem remains the same as it ever was: how to improve the close rate. Certainly sellers have a larger database to work from. Certainly when sellers have some sort o... (more)

eCompetitors Gives Sales Folks What They Need. Exactly.

When you prepare to meet a prospect, how do you know who or what your competition is? How do you know how to position yourself strategically against them? Do you ‘wing it?’ Do you do research? Where do you get your research from? How do you know your research is adequate or accurate? I’ve got the answers for you. eCompetitors is this amazing site that has me gobsmacked (did i spell that right?). It does all of the research  you could ever wish for, on 11,445 global industries and companies at the line-of-business level. That means that it checks out everything – e v e r y t h i ... (more)

Why most messages fail: guest blog by Tom Hakel

Tom Hakel, CEO of Goldmail, Inc., is one of those rare visionaries that is not only smart and clever, but a genuinely nice guy. And he’s got a product that every single one of us should be using (and, dare I say, within a short time it will be expected that we all use his visual email capability). In this guest post, he focuses us on the sort of messages we should be sending. They certainly align with Buying Facilitation®.  Enjoy. His contact details are at the end of the post. sd One of the definitions of message is “an inspired communication from a profit or religious leader.”... (more)

How do we sell if we don’t understand needs?

When people first hear about Buying Facilitation®, they ask: ‘But if we can’t ask about needs and discuss our solution, how do we sell?’ The short answer is, you don’t. At least not when you are accustomed to. Because that’s not the first thing buyers need from you. The buyer first needs assistance navigating around their off-line decision issues. See, we actually enter our buyer’s sphere far too early in their decision cycle. And we end up attempting to gather needs, understand, and place product before a buyer really knows how to have this conversation with you. The first thing... (more)